General surveys confirms, that most of the cost of goods sold is related to external spend from suppliers. When giving Sourcing and Procurement the right attention significant savings and performance improvements can be obtained. Best practice shows, that structured Sourcing and Procurement programs based on short-, medium- and long-term activities takes a company to the next level.

Creating a common frame of understanding through a detailed Spend analysis and Opportunity assessment is essential to develop the strategic direction for Sourcing and to perform ambitious target setting.

Preparing Roadmap, work streams and identification of saving levers to comply with targets combined with organizational structure and competence development are all elements needed to get started.

Ensuring a close link to the corporate strategy including progress reporting and mastering of Sourcing and Procurement disciplines including category strategies, SRM models, contracts and negotiations skill sets the foundation for a successful Sourcing andProcurement project. ​​​​​​​

Scottnordic has the competencies to drive complete Sourcing and Procurement projects or to work with our clients on a step-by-step basis. Our value creation is rooted in strong analytical skills, proven methodologies and a long practical experience.We have a high degree of people involvement and we work closely with our clients to ensure full anchoring in the organization.