Today, many companies are depending on a high performing supply chain in order to deliver financial improvements and a high customer performance. This require a clear overview of the supply chain end-to-end processes and the related cost drivers and value creating activities. Companies often loose the supply chain process overview due to lack of organizational structure.  

Working with supply chain processes starts with a high-level process mapping based on a supply chain costing approach where all process steps are seen as small internal supplier-customer interactions.

Creation of the cost structure and cost drivers throughout the supply chain often require BIG data analysis and cross-functional interaction and a clear overall strategic direction of the company.

Derived from the supply chain analysis, optimization activities can include the whole supply chain or be delimited to boosted actions within e.g. Sales & Operations Planning,Warehouse, Material management, Manufacturing or Transportation.

Scottnordic has a wide range of tools and methodologies to work with supply chain optimization and we have the practical experience and knowledge to go from current state to future state. Our work is based on a holistic approach, organizational interaction, a total cost perspective and improved customer performance as the overall guiding star.