Scottnordic offers best-in-class capabilities to help improve your business

Sourcing and procurement

Significant bottom line improvements can be achieved through structured sourcing and procurement activities. Why? Because typically over 50% of the top line in industrial companies is related to external purchases. Furthermore, the company is always in a position where they have the lever to initiate sourcing and procurement activities that can challenge and improve their current state. Scottnordic has the experience and power to support your company in optimizing your sourcing and procurement and the endurance to ensure that you gain a stronger market position. We can support you all the way from spend analysis to bottom line realization, communicating in a direct manner.

Supply chain processes

A high performing supply chain is the backbone required to drive a successful company. Why? Having a strong lean supply chain setup is fundamental to ensuring company profitability and customer performance. Companies often create complex processes throughout the entire value chain. Studies confirm that most of the lack of clarity and clear ownership within company processes lies in the direct value chain. Scottnordic has a proven track record and the dedication required to optimize your supply chain both within single supply chain areas and as a holistic discipline, from supplier to customer delivery. We are with you all the way and have the ability to understand and challenge your business model and needs.

Make or buy

Sustainable cost reductions and improved cost flexibility are just some of the advantages offered by a clear make or buy strategy. The current state of a supply chain setup is often based on single decentralised make or buy decisions rather than on a strategic and holistic approach aligned with a high-level product strategy and manufacturing processes. Scottnordic has the practical experience from previous make or buy projects, combined with a pragmatic and direct attitude to developing and executing clear make or buy strategies. Our strength is our strong market knowledge and ability to work in close cooperation with our clients. We drive the process from the feasibility study, C&B calculation and risk assessment to final recommendation and implementation.